Reviews of the rolls rolls Sportster.

Yes, I love the Rolls Rolls, I would like to own one.
I am an old snowsurfer and this is the angle for my Rolls Rolls request. It simulates snowsurfing for me. My experience with the Rolls Rolls here in Phoenix was in 110 degree Fahrenheit temperature and on a slight incline mountain road. Speed builds very quickly, turns are quite natural with the lowered CG and the wheels seem to grip quite well. Rolling resistance is minimized and the inertia held well. I got the feeling of snowsurfing, turns being a bit more fluid than on a conventional skateboard and or a longboard with large, soft durometer wheels.

I am a slalom and downhill skateboard enthusiast too and my style lends itself to "pumping" and I did not feel that the rolls rolls was well suited to this. Although I could propel myself in this fashion, I preferred to use the conventional push, glide and carve turn.

I like the rolls rolls to simulate the fluid turns of water medium board sports. It is not a replacement for skateboarding which is well suited for what skateboards are designed for. It is a "cross training" and or stand alone discipline in itself.

I did take it for a mile spin on the flat and found that I was less tired and got to my destination faster when compared to the longskateboards that I own made for this sort of transportation. It is perfect for those people who want to go from point A to B with ease.

My 10 year old loves the rolls rolls because he can keep up with me on our long distance skateboard adventures. He does not have to work the board hard at all to keep up with his father.

Adam T., Phoenix, AZ, USA

The Rolls Rolls offers a smooth, fast, quiet ride. Exactly the ride you feel like taking on a perfect day at sunset with a light breeze on a quiet street. The board has a very fluid feel. It’s low profile makes you almost forget there is a board under as you glide along. The very large, very thin wheels handle rocks and bumps nicely, making you feel even more relaxed.

The board is very fast. The large, thin wheels reduce friction and increase acceleration. Going straight and fast is great—very stable. Carving is also smooth and fun until you reach a certain speed where the thin wheels begin to slip.

The Rolls Rolls is not made for high speed, aggressive carving.

The construction of the board feels rock solid. The carbon gives the board no flex, and it feels like nothing could break it—according to the Rolls Rolls website, it could withstand 66,000lbs of weight (we didn’t test this). Despite this, the board weighs in at only 43oz.

Very deep carving causes the sides of the wheel wells to scrape the ground lightly. I didn’t notice a difference in speed from the friction when carving deep (it barely touches), but the sound is rather disconcerting. The edges of the board appear to be undamaged from hitting the ground. Once you get going a little faster, tight carves do not cause the board to hit the ground.

The Rolls Rolls is very low profile, very sleek and smooth looking. It’s not flashy, but when people look down and notice it, they will without fail be impressed. It looks almost more like a car than a skateboard. (Remind you of another German designed skateboard?).

The Rolls Rolls website offers a very comprehensive explanation of the technology behind the board, with information ranging from the reasoning behind using carbon and Kevlar to construct the board to why the wheels are so big and thin to why they chose to use Randal’s for trucks rather than designing or using something else. For more technical information on the Rolls Rolls, I highly recommend reading their site. Use the links on the bottom of each section—that’s where you’ll find most of the information. You can also find information on ordering the Rolls Rolls on their website.

Silverfish Longboarding, USA

I have tested the RollsRolls (maybe video to come). Peter, the owner and CEO, will arrange for anyone to test a board for a couple of weeks. Check the website at for info. My son is in love with the board, and I am enjoying it myself. I get a little more attached to it every day :-) It lives up to its claim of light-weight strength (as far as I can jump on it and abuse it). The light weight makes for easy extended flat-ground push-and-roll sessions, when desired. In the parking garage it's a very fun carving session. Full carve rolling 360's are easy to do. It's an extremely smooth ride, and the Randall 180's fit well on it for tight carving, and good control. At 185#, I have to tighten down the trucks pretty good, but no problem there. The wheels roll over most small obstacles without a whimper. I like the low-slung deck. Even with the narrowness of it (7.75"), it provides
a stable, comfortable ride. I think it could use faster bearings (ex, Bones Swiss, or other Swiss or ceramic varieties), like I have on my longboard, but I guess I'm spoiled. Other people that ride it comment on how fast it is. My next venture (I hope) is to mount a windsurfing mast base, and do some skate-sailing in the 10 acre parking lot of Alltel stadium... Peter is working with me on this one... He says it's tons of fun... Nope, I didn't get paid to say all this - I really do like the board

Gaylon V., Florida, USA

Eric here from Palermo Longboards!

alas the first test-board has arrived! here are our first visual impressions: It looks even sleeker and more destinctive than the website lets on. the wheels are larger, the wheel wells more pronounced, and the taper from the wells to the standing platform gives it a longer look than we expected. the wheel covers are more voluptous too. Overall its sexier, has more style, and looks even less like a normal skateboard than we expected.
I was pleasantly surprised to see hints of classic design motifs like old porsche head-lamps mixed in with the contetmporary. It seems (and sounds) to glide effortlessly when moving. That said, the bottom edge is a bit uncomfortable to carry. Maybe the kevlar bottom will help that (it should arrive wednesday).
** heard from peter, the rolls rolls designer in Berlin that the boards now have a rubber strip on one side that makes it more comfortable for carrying.

We like that the board can be held vertically and still on two wheels, and that the wheels absorb any impact with side-walks and walls. At venice beach where people are often seen riding electric skateboards, many people thought the rolls rolls was electric (perhaps because of the covered wheels and perhaps becasue it seemed to glide on its own power).

It has a very solid, smooth, quiet ride. As an experienced longboarder, the board was most appreciated on extremely rough roads, parking lots, and sidewalks, on long, straight courses and when riding while carrying something. The benefit of being low to the ground is enhanced when carrying something heavy, both for kicking off and stepping off. the pendulum effect is subtle and makes it feel like a luxury board. The low stance also enhances ones sense of speed.
Also the low platform seemed to appeal very much to beginners. We were excited to see how nimble the board was and took it to the hills immediatly, as we did not expect it to be so well equiped for downhills. However, we were quick to see the limitations the slender wheels have for down-hill riding and the potential for the sportster model.
Its so close to being a fantastic downhill board it is a shame that the wheels dont hold the road better. while we do understand that the board is geared towards a different style of riding, what a pleasant surprise it would be to find that this board blows other boards away on hills as well. Also found that the shape is conducive to an extremely crouched speed stance with the back foot against the angled face between the wheels.

Eric E., L.A., CA, USA

First of all BIG UP TO PETER FOR THE EXCELLENT SERVICE! You Buy from him: you get service AND the most versatile deck in your quiver! (At least in mine!).

I have had a RollsRolls since the spring time; and have really grown to love it.
The Craftsmanship IS excellent; it's just too sleek riding through Munich (Germany) on a carbon deck. Nothing but the almost silent hum of wheel-asphalt contact.

BUT - It doesn't end here...

I live out in the hilly pre-alps countryside surrounding Munich: which means only one thing: DOWNHILL. hehe...

The big, thin wheels r great for the city & flatland. But my friends say that they're not "sticky" enough for downhill at all... I cannot agree. I've been skating longboards for several years now, and am a certified Snowboard teacher: the wheels give a beautiful, even, controlled slide whilst downhilling 8°, standing up. It took a while to develop the timing, but its just tooooo smooth. You can come down the mountain controlling your speed, dropping from one turn into the next: pure butter. ;-) Just as smooth as colemans on this babe of a board.

BTW check out and for some videos from this years summer ispo. The lowered center of gravity provides for a smooth egde to edge carve; stable highspeed rides and relaxed (absolutely no concentration) cruising. The Randals harmonise perfectly with the wheelbase. I've tried Seismics: Trash 'em. The Randal Setup is a beautiful ride.

This is the most versatile and durable deck i Own. It takes me to University; to the Office, the supermarket; even 20 km flatland through munich without dying of"dead-leg".

I'm tellin' you... if you can pick up one of these along the way: DO. 'Nuff Said.

Yours truly, riding hard,

Sebastian , Munich, D

Just got through my two, very enjoyable, weeks riding a RollsRolls that Peter sent over for me to try.
First impressions - Light, strong, low centre of balance. Randal trucks (good) and large thin wheels - couldn't wait to try it... First rides - One of the quickest/easiest boards to get to know and ride I have ridden. Does not have any bad quirks that arise later. A very smooth fast ride.
The thin wheels give easy, controllable slides. And with the low-slung deck is almost impossible not to carve your way along. Obvious downside to the thin wheels, as already stated is loss of traction at downhill speed. But, the upcoming sportster model with wider wheels, will sort this (I guess this means already a bunch of people see it as a great downhill board). And if you wanted the board, soley for downhill use, you may well be putting on your own choice of wheels/bearings etc anyway. The low-slung deck is an obvious design for a downhill board, and due the stiffness of the RollsRolls, if allows it to be lower than a wooden board (without grinding out).
If you want a board that is great from the rack and easy to use, (and will draw constant stares and comments) this is a very strong contender, definitley consider it. It is ideal for beginners, who will be able to learn to carve with power, speed and moothness in no time.
Even with the little flex it has (which is just before trucks at each end) if is possible to pump along with ease, but is not as easily as a good wooden board, and when swapping backwards and forwards between the two, the warmth & life of a wooden board is obvious.

To sum up - Beginners and some intermediates will love is ease of use, Advanced riders will think of perfect uses for it such as a Downhill board, Kite board etc. Very few people won't like it. If you only had one (longboard style) skateboard to do everything, this could be it, or, if you have a quiver of boards, this could find a place among them. It is worth trying.

Bill FH., Brighton, UK

I tested the board last night!! What fun! It's agreat board although the stance is not quite wide enough for me. I have long legs. Anyway, after I got used to it I carved some great hills! All things considered, this is a first class ride! AAAA++++++. I love the board. I do wish it had a wider stance though. Also if you carve hard the edge rubs on the ground.
Overall I liked the board. I would like to own one for my collection. It handles extremely well and looks very sleek and fast. I like the way it carves very much. I only wish it was a little longer so you could have a wider stance when riding it. Also the corners scrape on the ground during hard carves.

All in all, this is a very fun board and I would recommend it to others especially if you are under 6' tall.

Gary, L.A.,USA

I received your test board Friday, and rode it first Saturday. It performed excellent! I took it down my favorite hill, and carved it up! Like a sharp knife going through a juicy steak. The ride flowed effortlessly, and smoothly. The most natural ride I've had in my 40 years of skating. I would like to buy a board, but first I need to sell some of mine first.
I like you "skate down a different path". Your rolls was like a breath of fresh air.

been corresponding with Peter at my test board a few days ago. now listen, all you young flippy riders, this board is the smoothest one I've been on in the last 40, yes 40 years of skating. My passion is carving the hills in southern California, and this board is too cool.
My only addition would be a little grip tape, for those rainy days, but it's a great barefoot board ( what, no $150 shoes) Children, remember your roots! I would agree that the lights would be a good idea. gotta go...rolls rolls is great!

Mike A., CA, USA

I had the opportunity yesterday to try out a demo RollsRolls "batlongboard" (no it's not called that, it just looks like something that Batman would give Robin before he was allowed to use the Batcycle. . .. It is about the size and riding height of a Landyachtz R3/RIV, but with a flat deck. The board is very light and the high tech carbon fiber feels smooth and very slightly springy. The wheels are kind of like k2 kickboard wheels rather than skateboard wheels, but they ride on trucks that appear to be Randalls. The ride is very smooth, turning is easy, despite the wierd "cowls" on top of the wheels. I couldn't make it wheelbite. It pushes on the flats really easily. Because of the "fenders" your feet stay locked in, despite the lack of concave.
It seems lighter and easier to ride and push than my R3, maybe because I like flatter boards.
I'd give this board an A for rideability an A for unique look and another A for weird application of technology.

Your boards arrived at my home today. They are gorgeous! Works of engineering art! Thank you so much for your work and your talent!

David H., Chicago, IL, USA

I've been rolls rolling down every available surface in San Francisco. People ask me about it all the time and I fill them in on your engineering genius and tell tham that it's a proto-type so that they think I'm really cool and have some "pull" with the inner sanctum of the skateboarding design world.
Overall I really like the board. It's very responsive to turns, is extremely well built, and is light. I also like the oversized wheels which cross cracks and potholes well.

Rhodes F., San Francisco, CA, USA

I got one of the testboards and these things are the best board you could ever ask for. It has the smoothest ride I have ever seen. It is the best board I have ridden. Its quiet unlike most boards and extremely light. One problem I did have is goin down a narrow path with a blind spot on a steep hill and people on the path not hearing me come so they were very suprised when I passed them at 20 mph and them not having any idea what just happened. Also, this board is light, and the big wheels make it easy for going over things that normal wheels would get caught up on. Over all I would give this board a 10 out of 10 and would recomend it to anyone.

Brain K., Virginia, USA

Well, after five days of late nite working hours and rain I was finaly able to ride the fiber board. I had intentionally planed two runs, but was supprised by its performance and made ten runs instead.
Randall trucks are a good choice to start with. But what struck me most was the fluidness of the whole board with the grip of the wheels in acid turns and the low C.G. of the deck. The Rolls-Rolls let me get into much deeper carves then I've ever experinced on any skateboard....ever!!!

I love the shape of the wheel wells which helped me brace my feet into the deck. I was able to use this aspect to pump out of turns and gain momentum. This is where the wheels became important. They held onto the pavement at the apex of my turns. Previously I would slide out on wheels that where as fast as these. Plus the stiffness of the carbon fiber responded to every slightest movement I made, but the diameter of the wheels smoothed my ride out. The low profile deck let me drop/slide my foot to slow up. She doesn't look like your average bear, but as soon as you drop in on her you won't care. Simplicity.

I own a quiver of longboards with different sizes, shapes and purposes. But nothing rides like this board. This is the stick I would take over any other one I own for deep (knee scraping) carving. I want one of these honeys.

David D., NYC, USA





I am personally very impressed with the materials and construction of this deck! These guys can build skateboards!

Hugh R., USA

The ride is super smooth and fast. I love how the wheels roll over rocks and large cracks without problem.

Marcus V., USA

The rolls rolls offers a smooth, fast, quiet ride. Exactly the ride you feel like taking on a perfect day at sunset with a light breeze on a quiet street. The board has a very fluid feel. It’s low profile makes you almost forget there is a board under as you glide along.

Silverfish Longboarding, USA

Your boards arrived at my home today. They are gorgeous! Works of engineering art! Thank you so much for your work and your talent!

David H., Chicago, IL, USA

Now listen, all you young flippy riders, this board is the smoothest one I've been on in the last 40, yes 40 years of skating. My passion is carving the hills in southern California, and this board is too cool.

Mike A., Murietta, CA, USA

On 2/19/2003 Larry wrote in from
PHXRider, if what you want to do is cruise, the Rolls Rolls will bring you joh. If you measure your skating by the mile, the Rolls Rolls is the item. If BMW really wanted to make a longboard with the spirit of their motorcycles, this would be it. Simple, fast, impeccable manners--the thing even keeps mud off your legs when you ride through unavoidable puddles--and beautiful.

I bought mine about a month and a half ago. Since then it has probably gone 150 miles in rain, wind, night, day, errands or fun. Sometimes I even ride it to work.

When new, the wheels were skittish on wet pavement. Now they're scuffed up, they grip better although this still isn't the board for tight turns in the rain.

You do have to keep closer track of where you're placed on the deck. If you're off by an inch or so, your back foot can run into the rear wheel well.

Call it the "engineered skateboard." Peter went through many design interations before settling on this one, and his care shows. It just plain works. He'll even send you one for test and evaluation. Every part of it was chosen for a specific function. Even the bearings, which are the best quality I've ever used.

Do a search here for more info. Also look at Silverfish Longboarding ( for more reviews.

THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME RIDE.... I went crazy. This is the ride, I have been looking for. It feels like your gliding
over the road...pure enjoyment.

Steve C, CA 14.3.03

I don't think that I will keep the board.  It rides pretty good but it tends to slide more easily than my wooden board with 70mm Krypto classic Ks. Carving for me is an adventure because the rear and front slide out when carving hard.  I could get used it and I could actually use it to slow down but right now I keep ending up on my butt, or high siding. Not saying that I did not have a blast doing it!  cause I did.  building speed is as easy as thinking faster, well gravity helps too but this things gets going and it gets going fast.  The slide breaks out rather quickly and does not give me time to adjust to stay on the board. I think this is because of the wheel profile. I would have thought that it would grip a lot better than my kryptos because of the 69 duro wheels and the fact that it is about 50% wider than the kryps, but it grips great (giving you extreme confidence in it to carve harder) and then breaks away with a fantastic slide leaving me on the ground.  For cruising it is awesome. kicking to build speed is effortless. The large diameter wheels roll like crazy reducing a rough road to mildly textured asphalt.  If I was using a board for pure transportation or cruising I would use this one.  All in all I would say this is a great board but not exactly tailored to my riding style. Maybe after I master sliding.  Thanks Mike for letting me borrow the board for a while. This kind of customer service that we don't see nowadays.  You are truly in it for the soul and would enjoy doing business with you in the future.

Ernest C. San Diego, 8.4.03

So far, the board has proven to be incredibly smooth and easy to push around town. I've only used the bigger wheels so far, and the board proves to be such a joy when you have to carry it-- so wonderfully light! The board makes quick work out of shifts in concrete, the street ledges of Santa Monica and even a good hard pack dirt trail I found. The only thing--it's difficult to ride. ;-)

J. Gromer, L.A. 21.4.03

Yes the board arrived at my house. I have been riding it for a few weeks now in between school and work. I see you sent me your sport model. This set up with the randalls is very interesting. The smaller wheels allows for many different riding styles. I’m not sure if there are any good grass hills in Germany, but I would suggest taking the sport model down a few. I know it was not created for this use but with small hills that are trimmed, such as those found on a golf course, it can be really fun. Obviously it has an extremely low clearance which is why the trimmed grass is necessary. I have also tried the board on a variety of small rolling hills around town. The sports model proves to be a pretty good downhill board when the trucks are tightened a little. I have also found it to be extremely fun with the trucks not very tight. After riding it around the streets near my house I got a pretty good feel for the thing and can now do 180 power slides. This is nice because there is no front or back so you just switch your stance back and keep riding. I have found that it is extremely easy to break into a slide and control which makes the board all that more fun for me. I have also found that you can pump on it like you would on a surfboard. With a slight decline you can pump and continue rolling for a few blocks. It requires leg strength and could prove to be a good off season cross trainer for surfers, snowboards, and skateboard enthusiasts alike. Does your company have a team or anyone that rides for you, if so I am interested in becoming sponsored. I have put video footage in at Gravity Skateboards (which I am sure you have heard of) and a few other brands. Thank you for allowing me to test your product and I will be looking for great things from you down the road.

Chris Campbell, Texas 27.5.03

I must say it rides like a cloud in the breeze. love it.

MJ Fisher, Sparks NV 27.5.03

I've now tested the RR in my usual route (from home to work) half a dozen times and can now give you my opinion. The RR lives up to the expectations. It's certainly fast, which is good in my case because my route slope doesn't have a steep decline so it takes a low-inertia skate to pick up some decent speed. The turning radius is good, although not ideal specifically for carving in rather narrow streets. The low weight is an advantage when you have to take the skate back home under your arm (which is my case). An the looks of the RR rally draw attention!
However, you may recall I told you I already own a good number of skateboards and I feel that at this point the RR doesn't fill any gap that isn't covered by some of my other boards. I do like the RR and would certainly recommend it to anybody with my usual skating habits, by in my particular case I think I'll pass this opportunity, or leave it for some time in the future.

Xavier, Barcelona, Spain 13.5.03

I have been skating 5-6 miles each morning on the rollsrolls. I absolutely love it.

Jack Smith, CA 1.7.03
(it is the Jack Smith who set
two world records with his team on rolls rolls one month later)

Rolls rolls does very smooth running. One time is kicked, and it runs long. My commute time was happy, and became comfortable. Thanks to Rolls rolls. I advertise the existence of this wonderful wheel.

Kyoko Tsutsumi, Tokio 9.10.03

I don't know if should put your product on a pedestal and let everybody just stare at it like I do or ride this beautiful piece of carbon fiber fine art. The really love the sleek design. I was considering several other brands even, one automotive maker.  It is clear to me which one I must buy! I have one small problem, I have to convince my wife why I need your product. Simple, I will use the necessity defense. With the recent Metropolitan Transportation Authority strike, I need another form of efficient transportation. Your board really delivers what you advertise. It just keeps on rolling over cracks, bumps and even over asphalt rocks. You have built the Porsche of all skateboards. You have proven again why your country makes the most desirable vehicles.

Armin, CA Burbank 17.10.03

Ridding the rollsrolls is like gliding.  I love the the 145mm wheels, for they are so fast, roll forever, and will roll over anything about.

Ty Clarke, USA 18.3.05

I received the board in good shape, and this morning I took it for its maiden voyage along New York's East River (Brooklyn Bridge, United Nations, the Mayor's mansion, etc, you must have seen it on television a few times.)  If I had to describe this board with one adjective, i would pick "serene."  This is a truly remarkable piece of engineering.  It's almost like riding on a cushion of air.
I can say that I have more confidence in traffic on the rollsrolls than any other board I've ridden. It sails over the roughest pavement and has more control. And, of course, there's very little strain on my knees.

Andrew G., NYC 20.6.05

"No one who has ever ridden a rr hasn't come away without a smile!"

M. Allen, CA, 14.8.05

Dude I got the board today and It's pretty sweet. My dad here says the pictures dont do it justice. Thanks for the cool grip!
(please take note that I'm writing this after nearly three nonstop hours on the board.)
The ride is by far unbelieveable. It's amazing. Just the superb smoothness of it would take more than words to explain. This is the sweetest and most respectable longboard I now own.
Pics soon to come, you should've seen my face when I picked up the box from the post office. One of the ladies at the counter asked me what I was on when I demanded in an exccentric voice where my package was. But that's another story. Thanks again. I'll get you pics within the end of the week.

Jordan (15 years), CA 1.10.05

I did like the power and stability I felt but what I felt the most was how perfect the RollsRolls boards would be on a long, smooth, low gradient hill with no traffic. It would be a ball to carve for miles without a stop on that thing. Although, I have always ridden a board with a kick tail and I love (and now also depend) on the quick maneuverability this gives me. The turning radius on the RollsRolls was too large to make a quick, tight turn.

Benjamin J., NYC 3.10.05

All my friends were in my room when I unwraped the beast.  Everyones mouth hit the floor when they saw my new beauty. Its so nice I returned all the paint I bought for it. I took it out for a spin and WOW!  Its totally night and day from my other board. It carves so hard and it has so much grip.
The turning radius is so tiny I can make tight circles and it rides amazingly! I love the new trucks and wheels!  I've ridden so manyskateboards out there: the carvestick, sector 9's of all types, gravity boards, mountain boards, gas powered mountainboards, old school barebacks, but I gotta say the only board that handels as good as my new rolls rolls is the BMW board.  However, the rolls rolls wins b/c its over 10lbs lighter, I can get so much more speed, its made out of carbon kevlar!, but most of all I got mine custom made and autgraphed. Thanks mike for everything.  I'll take some pictures later on this weekend.

Jordan S., USA 17.9.06

I've listed the highs and lows of each setup and hopefully this helps with your decision process.

145's with Randal II 180's:

- The 145's roll over EVERYTHING: every bump, crack, rock, you name it
- Smoothest ride of any board I've ever ridden by far
- Handles well
- Less surface area of the wheel on the ground = less resistance and friction
- Spins longer and rolls faster with less effort than the Flywheels
- Randals are extremely wide and very very stable all around
- Perfect for getting from point A to point B fast and efficently
- The 145's with the board and fast after market bearings (I used  Lucky Ceramics) make the board faster than almost any board out there.
I was able to beat another student on campus driving an electric golf cart on a flat 400 yard straight away
- Literally feels like your floating on air
- You'll get a lot more looks with the huge 145 wheels. (Holy sh*t) “dude those wheels are fcking huuuge!" "Dude those wheels are insane!"
I've heard them all so many times you wouldn't believe)


- Pretty bad on wet surfaces (you have to ride extremely conservatively but this is true with most skateboards)
- The skinny wheels really cut into the ground but extreme handling like huge carving or tricks will be a lot tougher than with the Flywheels.
- Trucks aren't as responsive as the Revenge's

*Flywheels with Revenge's:*


- Super sticky wheels
- Grips the ground like no other
- The revenges are amazing: I have it set up super loose (the way Mike had it set up) and can carve and turn on a dime, yet its extremely stable´when I'm going fast (no speed wobbles whatsoever! Simiply amazing)
- Handling and response is better than the 145's Randall II setup
- If you want pure performance get this setup
- I feel more secure on this setup.  Its a combination of the sticky wider tires and the very responsive trucks


- Despite the flywheels being very sticky you still have to ride conservatively in wet condidtion
- Not as fast as the 145's
- No way near the smoothness of the 145's
- I got stuck on a couple cracks and rocks with the flywheels
- Do you dig the color lime green?

Either way EVERYONE will stop and stare when you ride your board.  It literally feels like I'm in a ferarri. I get so much attention its unbelievable.  I love both boards but it really depends on what your going to use it for and what you want out of it. Hope this helps.

Jordan S., 11/6/2006 USA

Well I got my Rollsrolls in the other day, but as luck would have it, it was raining but did clear up enough to at least try it out when it got dry that day. But I just got back on a wonderful sunny day today after taking the rollsrolls out for its maiden voyage, and it is spectactular.  Out of all the longbaords I own and have owned this is amazing. I have pushed around on other dropboards but this is amazing, I love it.  And I am already planning on getting ahold of you in the future and probably getting another one just as back up in case anything ever happens to this one.

Josh, F., 5/21/2008 USA